Series 11
Natural Force

This group of work marks a
transition in style and subject
matter for me.  The last
several years I focused
exclusively on the Midwest
landscape as a subject.  
Recently, my husband, Bud
and I have taken road trips
out west to many National
Parks including a trip in
which I created pastels in the
front seat of our van while on
the road.  As a result, the
imagery of those areas
found its way into my
artwork.  This work also
represents a shift in style.  
This particular grouping
started with the tight, detail
oriented, style I have
cultivated for the last several
years.  As I moved further
into creating the work, I
transitioned to a more
gestural approach.  My
working method changed as
well.  Prior to this group, I
created work from
imagination.  In this series I
changed, using photos I've
taken from our trips as
references.  I would blow up
my photos to the point where
the resolution was nothing
but chunky pixels.  Then I
would concentrate on
translating what I saw, not
what I thought I saw.  The
result is when you're right up
on top of some of them they
blow apart into abstractions,
but when pulling back the
image is readily
understandable.  "Precipice
of Change" is a two by four
foot pastel featuring the brink
of Lower Falls in
Yellowstone NP.  It is a good
example of this new method.
 This grouping exemplifies
transition, both artistically
and environmentally.  The
transformative power of
water, constructive and
destructive, draws me in,
especially given recent
global events.  Awe inspiring
views found in our national
parks bring right home the
power of nature and our
fragile relation to it.