Series 9
Time Passages

“Time Passages” developed
in the front seat of a moving
van while on a trip out west
in the fall of 2009 and
departs from my traditional
Midwest subject.  

We went on a three week
camping trip visiting nine
national parks and
monuments.  I set up a
mobile studio in the front
seat of the van, and did
pastels to pass time during
the cross country drive.  It
was the first time I ever
attempted such a project.  
Mostly it was fun trying to
draw in a moving van.  We
had several laughs over
sometimes bumpy terrain.

“Time Passages” deals with
the artistic challenge of
referencing changing views
and examines the
experience of shifting terrain
on consciousness. Passage
across time and changing
terrain reveals a nuanced
relationship between self
and surroundings.